Shopping for a Rose Bear: 2 Things to Consider

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Rose bears are wonderful gifts which are a great way of communicating to someone how much you love and value them. If you are planning to buy a rose bear as a gift for someone you love, it is important to take the time to think about a few things before you head out to the shops. Below is a guide to 4 things you should consider when shopping for a rose bear.

Natural vs artificial flowers

The first thing you will need to decide is if you want to purchase a rose bear which is made of natural or artificial roses. There are pros and cons attached to either option.

The pro of choosing natural flowers is that they tend to look better than artificial roses. Natural roses will also give off a pleasant scent which can really magnify the experience produced when the rose bear is gifted to someone. However, natural roses have some downsides too. Firstly, natural flowers have a limited lifespan and are only likely to survive a few days before they begin to wilt. Secondly, rose bears made of natural roses will typically be more expensive than ones made using artificial flowers.

If you want to save money or if you want the rose bear to commemorate an important event, you should consider opting for artificial flowers which cost less and last longer. However, while the quality of artificial flowers has improved massively in recent decades, they are still no match for the real thing.

Colour options

Once you have decided whether you would like a rose bear made of natural flowers or one made of artificial flowers, you can move on to the next important decision you need to make: what colour roses would you like?

The colour of the roses you use can communicate a lot to the person you are gifting the rose bear to. Below are some ideas of how you can use different colours to say different things.

Red roses

Red roses are traditionally associated with romance and Valentine's Day. It is probably best to reserve a red rose bear for someone you have romantic feelings for. If you gift it to a friend, they may think that you are in love with them, which could lead to a lot of embarrassment

Yellow roses

Yellow roses are a better option if you wish to give a rose bear to a friend or family member. Yellow is a very attractive colour, and it is also a neutral colour which does not have the same connotations as red.

White roses

White roses are great if you are gifting the rose bear to celebrate a wedding, christening or another landmark event. White is a classic colour which will not stand out and which will create a classy impression.

If you would like to find out more about your options when it comes to shopping for rose bears, you should get in touch with a specialist supplier today. The staff will be happy to offer further help and assistance.

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