Options When Shopping for New Kitchen Cabinetry

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Cabinetry is one of the most noticeable elements in a kitchen, covering a broad expanse of space. The cupboards are also a highly used item, as they're opened and closed almost continually. When purchasing cabinetry, you'll need to choose a door finish and hardware. Here are several options.

2pac Doors

2Pac doors are spray-painted with a mixture of acrylic paint and hardener. The doors usually consist of a core of MDF. Once sprayed, the hardener reacts with the paint and melds with the door, forming a thick, smooth finish. You can choose between various paint hues, or you might be able to custom-mix a shade of different hues. 2Pac doors will give your kitchen an upscale look. The resilient finish will withstand wear and tear and look beautiful for many years.

Vinyl-Wrapped Doors

Another option is vinyl-wrapped doors. A basic door shape of MDF is vacuum wrapped in vinyl by a heat process. Creating a continuous finish, the vinyl will wrap around the door, including the edges. You'll have a wide array of colours and designs to pick from, including attractive faux timber finishes.

Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are shaped MDF covered in a hard plastic layer, decorated with various colours and designs. These doors are resilient and long-wearing. But often, the edges of the MDF core will be covered with laminate strips, and the joins will be noticeable. Thus, these doors don't have a seamless all-around finish like 2Pac and vinyl doors.

Cabinetry Hardware

As well as the door finish, you'll need to think about the hardware, such as handles, hinges, and drawer runners. You can opt for sleek silver handles for a modern look or choose handleless doors that open and close with a simple push. A simple wooden knob is perfect for a traditional aesthetic. You can also choose elaborate and decorative handles for a vintage or French provincial kitchen.

The hinges and drawer runners are purely functional. Good quality hardware will ensure that the doors don't sag and the drawers roll in and out smoothly on the runners.

Drawers Versus Cupboards

When choosing kitchen cabinets, you need to consider whether you want drawers or standard cupboards for the lower cabinetry. The advantage of drawers is that they come in different heights, some shallow and others deep. Thus, they can hold different-sized objects to match. Mid-depth drawers can contain dinner plates and bowls, and tall drawers store saucepans. This way, they efficiently use the storage area by matching the drawer size to the stored items. Conversely, cupboards can create a lot of dead space. You can also conveniently pull drawers out and see everything at once. Even things at the back are in clear view and not hidden.

For more information on kitchen cabinets, contact a company near you.

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