Three tips for those who will be buying a vintage watch for the first time

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If you are planning to buy your first vintage watch, here are three tips you should keep in mind when purchasing this piece of jewellery.

Make sure that the watch's face is free from any significant scratches

When perusing the selection of vintage watches online and in your local jewellery stores, you should check the condition of the face of the watch and make sure that there are no obvious scratches on this area of the item.

If you're examining the watch in person, the best way to check for scratches is to look at the face in direct sunlight.

There are a couple of reasons why it's a good idea to check for scratches. Firstly, lots of tiny scratches across the watch's face may have a negative impact on the appearance of this component, as they will dull the face's shine.

Secondly, and more importantly, multiple scratches may also obstruct your view of the numbers and dates, as well as the hands (if it is an analogue watch), which could, in turn, could render the watch unusable.

Whilst you may not be bothered by this if you only want to use the watch as a stylish accessory, you may find it frustrating if you intend to use it to tell the time.

Check for engravings

If you will be buying a watch that was once owned by someone else, then it is possible that it may have an engraved message on it, as many people choose to add an engraving when giving a watch as a gift to a loved one.

If you don't want any jewellery that you wear to feature a personal message that was potentially only meant to be seen by the previous owner, then it is sensible to check for engravings before purchasing a specific watch.

In most cases, engravings are placed on the back of the case, as this is usually one of the easiest and most spacious areas to place an engraved message.

However, they can also sometimes be found on the edge of the case or on the strap (if the strap is made from metal).

Ask about the watch's history

Most of the vintage watches that you come across during your shopping trip will have had at least one owner and may have undergone restoration work at some point.

When you find a watch that you love, it is important to ask the seller if that watch has ever been restored in the past and, if so, how many times. If it has, you should then ask them what kind of damage had to be repaired during the restoration process.

The answers to these questions will give some insight into the overall condition of the watch's internal components, which will, in turn, give you a clearer idea of how much longer the watch is likely to last (as a watch that has had to be restored five or six times may potentially be reaching the end of its life span).

Based on this information, you can then decide if it is the right watch for you. Learn more from a company such as Ekselman Watchmakers & Jewellers.

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